For the Monarchy For the Better

Despite the fact Hungary has ceased to be a Monarchy ever since 1918, there is one more righteous claim from the uncrowned successor of the Kingdom of Music to overtake the musical throne of Hungary: This uncrowned talent is PRINCE.

The heir is going to perform on day zero of the Island Festival, on August 9th, bringing rockers, headbangers, Islanders and hopefully sceptics together.

Will Grandpa Prince hit rock bottom? Well, if you are curious, why don’t you get your bottom on that two-wheeled cable donkey called bicycle and roll out there to check it out for yourself?

Coronation process and afterparty catered for by DJs on the Island afterwards.

Tickets can be purchased in advance here.

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1 Response to For the Monarchy For the Better

  1. dynamobike says:

    Correction: the Monarchy was ceased only on 1 February 1946 in Hungary, when she was officially proclaimed to be a republic. In the course of the interwar period, she remained a ‘Kingdom without a King,’ governed by a Governor (Admiral Horthy).

    Thanks to the “enthusiastic” historian for the quick correction.

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