Wine + shine = Erdőbénye

We know it looks like a difficult equation but if you think about it…

  • Hungary is a great wine producing country, at least we, Hungarians are sure about it.
  • That means a bit less than 10 million people.
  • We just have to convince the other wine drinking part of the world about it.

Let’s start!

  • Does Tokaj ring a bell? Does it? Sweet!
  • Sweet is Aszú wine. Aszú wine is from Tokaj wine region.
  • Tokaj is the most prestigious wine region of Hungary with volcanic soil, noble rot, Indian summer and indispensable knowledge and commitment of wine makers.
  • And Tokaj is no longer exclusively about the Aszú wine (that we respect and love) but great, dry whites too! (that we respect and love)

End where is the solution?

  • Erdőbénye is in the Tokaj Region.
  • Wine and much more…

End the bikes? Walk them this time! We’ll share our biking tips in Tokaj next time!

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