No gondolas in Velence (Hungarian Venice)…

…but there is delicious fried fish (our “national seafood”, the Hungarian Hekk), draught beer, and gherkins which are worth fighting for all the way through those vertically challenging rollercoaster rides in the hills of Velence. TWICE.

What happens if you are constantly looking for new challenges even when you originally headed out for a cosy ride around Lake Velence, is that you can end up not seeing the lake all! If you let temptation devour you and take a spontaneous turn to the North, up the hills from Pákozd you will be riding up and down the Velence hills through the woods on one of those adventurous bike trails marked by easy-to-spot pictograms.


It is worth the detour though. You will be intrigued to see parts of the countryside a lot more authentic than just the southern part of the lake. Mini-Balaton effect on that note.

Don’t forget to take helmets and repair kits as riding down the hill can propel you to 60 km/h and the fine gravel can easily get your tires flat. Better be safe than sorry they say and we have experience.

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