Water-propellers and spidercam

There was a time when Hungarians were great warriors on land, on horse back. It is true but that time is over so what is the point?

The point is that this is the time when Hungarians are great warriors on water, in boat. We just changed two significant details:

– the circumstances: fighting for the first place and the olympic quotas;

– the battle field: a dry substance to a wet one.

From this Wednesday for 5 days Szeged, the land of paprika, fish soup and sunshine, hosts the ICF Canoe Sprint World Championship 2011 with the largest number of paddlers ever.

The atmosphere will be unforgettable and contagious guranteed by the crowd of supporting fans. Believe us, if there is a slight chance for the gold medal we go mad. Imagine if this chance is multiplied, many times. And this is the case in Szeged: Hungarian paddlers are respected as the most successful ones and they are there for winning.

What are you waiting for? Get a ticket, dress up in the Hungarian tricolour and train your voice!

Want to see more? Rent a bike and contact us for biking tips in Szeged.

You happen not to be there, watch it on TV. This time the „propeller arms” will be closer than ever followed by the Spidercam.

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