Wine + shine + Erdőbénye = Practice makes perfect

Three years is not a long time, three days are even shorter but enough to bring

– wine makers and wine lovers together

– jazz bands, solo pianists and funky DJs together (who all like wine)

– future wine lovers: crawlers, toddlers and kids together (whose parents like wine)

And when it all comes together in August every year in a remote part of Hungary, you just

– get your wine glass, go inside an open garden and taste a beautiful dry Furmint, not on empty stomach so go for a steak first, then

– you clink your glasses with your next table neighbour then

– you walk into the next open garden with a glass of wine and listen to the stories of the local cooper then

– a band starts to play a stone’s throw away so you go with a glass of wine, sit down on the grass and listen then

– you are hungry again, so you stroll with a glass of wine into the next winery for some local delicacy and …

you keep on doing these rounds again and again because you know that practice makes perfect.

This time in Erdőbénye was perfect, again, since we practiced furmint, hárslevelű, aszú in different order, from different years, from different barells.

Just for the record our top favourites were:

Homonna Furmint

Vayi Novemberi szüret

Ábrahám Kerektölgyes

Illés Sárgamuskotály

Next morning of course we promised that we never, never, never …. will miss this festival, ever.

Is there any wine festivals you would not miss?

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