Balaton in McLaren style – our pit crew in action

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If you have thought that the 8 sec / per tube rule only applies at the track of the Hungarian Formula 1 track – you were wrong. A tube with a thorn can give you just as much of a headache at the mellow moods of Balaton.

If you decide to take your well endowed cable donkey on the slopes of the Balaton hills and cut through fields, stream valleys and downhill tracks, there is a strong inclination towards a potential flat tyre. Like it or not, it will need to be replaced. Don’t you ever panic though! If you have been thoughtful and not slothful and have been carrying that tool kit and the spare tube with you, a puncture should be a piece of cake for you. It can be dealt with in less than 20 minutes all in all.

What we did, was we took the tyre out, removed the outer layer. Made sure we remove all remnants of the foreign object that might have caused the puncture. Found the whole on the inside tube and simply glue the patch on. This way your tube should function better than the original.

At least if you continue on a slope road downhill!

Our absolute favourites on this trip were the Ruin Church in Dörgicse, the Heart-shaped gravestones in Udvari from the 1700s and on a culinary note the fresh fried keszeg of the Balaton and the wines from the Koczor winery have proved to be invaluable.

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