Hungarian Craft Beer Festival – strolling then crawling

The Festival is on from yesterday evening, at least we have already tried one of the 60-70 types strolling home and bumping in a little van parked at Szabó Ervin Library! Keserű Méz (Bitter Honey) is trying to be a secret weapon of a micro brewery from Fót.

„The more you drink, the more bitter it tastes!” – so we were encouraged by the young lady behind the tap. She was right, it was definitely a suprising taste due to using only bitter hops during the brewing process. And thanks to its 6% of alcohol content we were happy we left our bikes at home this time.

If you happen to visit the festival, you can enjoy other beer specialities like beer fermented with Tokaji Aszú, fruit beer like blueberry or the selection of guest breweries from Austria, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

There will be small beer snacks and planty of tidbits to fulfill your pleasure.

The brewery stands cover a bigger area than in the past years starting from Lőrinc Pap square, along Krúdy street, across Mikszáth square, around Szabó Ervin Library down to Kálvin metro station.

Főzdefeszt, 6-9th October, 2011!

Pints from all around in our gallery!

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