Rhythm and bike go hand in hand – part 3. with „Fat bottom girls”

Without any offence we just quoted legendary Queen. And it is not really about this song but the flip side track of the record: „Bicycle Race”.

Digging in the archives of music history we went back until 1978 when Hungary was happily living its soft Socialist days and cultural life that was ruled by the system of the 3T = tűr (bear) – tilt (band) – támogat (support).

Since the 3T operated in a uniquely inconsistent way, i.e. in some cases people did not have a blur idea why certain impossibly untalented artists got in the spotlight and why others were mistakenly ignored. But the case raised by the single of Queen was crystal clear to the Comrades: the cover was way too „nude”. It was a backside photo of a naked woman on a racing bike but only in red panties painted over the original photo.

For its „naturalism” the single was released with the label changed to Pepita in Hungary. The Polish version even changed the B side of the single where originally the „Fat Bottom Girls” song was recorded. It was not smoothly accepted in US either, at least not on an empty stomach, so they added a bra.

More delicacy?

– Supposedly it was written by Freddy Mercury after watching the Tour de France race pedalling by his hotel.

–  Queen rented 65 bicycles and invited 65 top-models to have a race naked around the Wimbledon stadium. Photos from this race were used for the video and one image was used to promote the song in a poster version.

–  The company rented the bikes refused to take them back after they had discovered what they had not been informed about.

–  There is a part in the song where you can here bells ringing, whenever Queen had a concert, the nearest bike stores sold all their bells to the fans who rang them during this song.

–  The lyrics of the song is a love or hate relationship even for the hard-core Queen fans. Well, you decide, we love it!

One is crystal clear: doesn’t matter if it’s a fat or a flat bottom just do ride your bicycle!

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