Flying Circus vs the flying disc

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Cuts through air, whirls, flies and drops. No, no. It’s not a UFO with technical problems on board. It is THE disc aka Frisbee. The magic object we, as a Team called the Flying Circus Amateur Frisbee gathering are getting obsessed with.

Thanks to the new passion, we enrolled in the Amateur Championship to challenge our team spirit and the pálinka flasks against other teams.

Setting: Hajógyári-sziget

Weather: Sunny, dry, cold. Optimal.

Equipment: trainers, disc, happy attitudes.

Results: 5th place out of 8 (not to be ridiculed after the first attempt at losing our being intact at playing strangers)

Average age: 24 – the groups are young and so are we. At heart at least

If you have thought that Frisbee tossing was just a lazy activity, try lining up on the base line of that Ultimate Frisbee pitch like our pagan ancestors did on the battlefield. When you are out there facing your enemy eye-to-eye you can’t help but feel that pagan blood pumping through your veins ready to fight for that piece of plastic as if your entire life depended on taking it across the goal line. We sprint, we fall, the disc flies and drops. So much support from the others, so much exercise. The perfect combination for a Sunshiny Saturday. Leaves you with a taste of wanting more in your mouth.

After an amazing day out and a lot of running around compensated by all the picnicking spontaneously emerging on the lanes around the pitches we hope to meet up with all the more experienced teams that beat us and vice versa.

If you want to belong to another sub-culture preferring bikes as a means of transportation getting to the very scene of all the matches + people that are not afraid of giving feedback to each other after every battle fought in spirit-circles and supporting each other with constructive comments on what needs to be improved – then you should become one of them. One of us actually! And yes, second servings are possible.

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