Rhythm and bike go hand in hand – part 6. – Jovanotti and Italian design

Colnago, Moser, Cinelli, De Rosa…. these well known Italian names are not simply brands painted on bike frames. They are all iconic figures of bicycle racing and nothing if not revolutionary designers.

Ernesto Colnago known as the “Ferrari of bicycles” in collaboration with Enzo Ferrari created the first carbon fiber frame bike called “the Concept” (1987).

Francesco Moser an emblematic cyclist of the 70’s, 80’s, the winner of Giro (1984), World Champion of Road Cycling (1977) and the first who rode more than 50 km in 60 minutes (1984) breaking the hour record of Merckx (1972).

Cino Cinelli was the one first used the modern handlebar, the first saddle with a plastic frame, the first foot clips, the first quick release pedals.

Ugo De Rosa an excellent bike frame builder whose innovative design played crucial role in the winning series of the genius Eddy Merckx.

And Lorenzo Cherubini, known as Jovanotti, an iconic figure of Italian musicians from the last two decades. His innovative style reaches beyond the hip-hop, rap and funk roots of the late 80’s and gets closer to the tradition of singer-songwriter and great performer.

A top quality artists from the land of top quality bicycle designers! Perhaps Jovanotti rides a Colnago, Cinelli or Moser since he is definitely a passionate cyclist who gives you the rhythm to start today.

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