Your heart is pounding, your breath is held back long, your pulse is jumping, palms are sweating and your eyes are widly open… normal symptoms of watching an adventure film about mind-blowing climbs.

Rock, ice, storm, rain, pain and joy, failure and glory what the 6th annual film tour of the best climbing and adventure films brings to you.

A few of the craziest stories:

Race for the Nose: speed racing up 3,000 feet of vertical rock in under three hours in Yosemite National Park;

Origins: Obe and Ashima: a nine year old girl bouldering prodigy;

Project Dawn Wall: Tommy Caldwell’s efforts on the hardest big wall free climb;

Sketchy Andy: a crazed high-lining champion;

Ice Revolution: the most insane ice climbing action ever.

If you want to join and celebrate these superhuman daredevils on the screen watch the trailer below then visit Corvin movie theatre on 16th and 17th November. Ticket and program information here.

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