1 goose, 2 geese, 3 St. Martin

Starving is not a good feeling but you can easily avoid it. All you have to do on St. Martin’s day is stuff yourself with goose dishes and you won’t go hungry the whole year. At least that what the tradition holds. And Hungarians believe in traditions and legends and superstitions.

Legend has it that St. Martin, Roman soldier born in Hungary in Szombathely, saved a beggar from freezing. He cut his cloak in two so that he could cover him in a heavy snow storm. That night in Martin’s dream Jesus appeared covered with his half cloak. This was the vision that made him being baptized later.

And the geese? When St. Martin was appointed to become Bishop of Tours he was not so much keen on accepting this position. What could have he done? He hid in a barn full of geese. But the geese started to honk and Martin was sooner found than he planned to.

Well, it is enough excuse for Hungarians to feed themselves with all those yammi delicacies like filled goose neck, roasted goose leg with steamed red cabbage, goose liver and so on.

Also, this is the feast to celebrate the end of the harvest and try new wine.

So to be on the safe side let’s get loosed or „goosed” this weekend to ensure a prosperous new year.

Weekend trip in the name of St. Martin:

Bike to Szentendre and visit the Goose feast held in the Skanzen. Perfect day to spend with your kids.

For lazy day-trippers there is a convenient direct bus connection from the center of Pest.

Or just simply stay at home and watch the cartoon of the famous Hungarian goose protector, Lúdas Matyi….

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