To do and not to do list for Luca’s day – 12 tiny details before Xmas


  1. Sow wheat – 100 grains exactly and they will be sprout by Xmas indicating next year crop. Tip: nice green decoration on your Xmas table
  2. Start your Luca chair – use 8 or 13 different kinds of wood, do a little work each day so that by 24th you could stand on the stool like piece of furniture during Midnight Mass to pick out witches
  3. Find out who your future spouse will be – write names on paper slips, work them in dumpling dough, start to cook them. The dumpling that will rise up to the surfice first will have the name of your future spouse. Tip: traditionally it is girly thing to do.
  4. Note the weather of the upcoming 12 days – each day will predict the weather of each month of 12 of 2012
  5. Wish all Luca you know happy name day
  6. Have a glass of mulled wine with a friend of yoursTip: sip your wine at the tiny Basilica Xmas Market surrounded by Xmas lights.


  1. Do not work – it is traditionally forbidden for women to do any kinds of work (there is a connection with hens and laying eggs but we can skip this)
  2. Do not lend money – it is not a wise thing to do anyway
  3. Do not borrow money – it is easy to keep
  4. Do not say „I am not biking beacuse it is cold” – first of all it is not cold, second it is a question of wisely sorted lays of clothes
  5. Do not be greedy – do not eat all the choxs from your advent calendar in advance
  6. Do not mix Luca with Luka  

+1   Believe in all of them!

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