Never Cry over Spilt Milk

If you start to make your Gingerbread Men quite a bit in a hurry, it might happen that they get a deeper shade  of suntan. Meaning that they can get easily burnt but you better not cry, better watch out as the Wiseman and the song says.

If you are busy doing too many things at the same time, just a few moments of extra exposure in the oven might yield in nice, chocolate brown colors of the cookies – sometimes ebony in fact.

But don’t you worry a thing. You can either completely cover these with the beautiful white frosting and hide the ruined bits. Later on these will make perfect decorative pieces. Just don’t forget to put a little whole with a toothpick at the top that will enable you to pull a thread through it and hang it on your Xmas tree. Might not be edible after all but will surely make a nice ornament if looked at from a distance.

Otherwise remember to bake the gingerbread men at lower temperatures than what you are usually used to as the thin dough is quite susceptible to overbaking. This way you can avoid another fluff of ire trying to ruin your advent evenings. Not to mention the smoke detector that can get quite upset by this particular incident.

So take it easy before Christmas and do not let any incidents – that can be in fact many – ruin your delightful preparations for the celebrations.

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