Rhythm and bike go hand in hand – part 9. – Xmas is all around

“I feel it in my fingers”

“I feel it in my toes”

It’s not only Xmas you will feel in your limbs but also the freezing cold on your bike in case you should under-dress the cutting wind and the gradually lowering temperatures on your bike. Don’t you forget that wearing many layers will save you from freezing to your bike.

“Christmas is all around me” just like the snowflakes and the snow clouds. Eventually they are all here today.

“And so my feeling” of getting numb to the bones is growing irreversibly.  Still if you think back of the movies, yes, yes, that one. The one called „Love Actually” your heart will be pampered by the life-joy feeling that the movie is to transmit. If you ever have a lonesome night and looking for company just hire out that film and laugh over and over the Bill Nighy bits and pieces.

If you don’t have a bike you can still bet on the Dark Horse of the Year. Especially at Lovi (racecourse/ turf in Budapest) where bets are more than welcome on New Year’s Eve.

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