Rhythm and bike go hand in hand – part 10. – Welfare, good luck and cups of kindness in 2012

Getting closer and closer to the very last day of the year will bring more superstitions alive than any other time of the year.

Starting from being careful of what you are planning to do as this will be what you are bound to do the rest of the year, through not taking the garbage out as this minor act might as well yield in the disposal of good luck, ending in what you are supposed to eat on the very last and the first day of the 365 day circle.

One of the most wide-spread and acknowledged dish to consume in Hungary is in fact lentils just like any kind of  seedy and small shaped grains, including beans, poppy-seeds as well , as they are supposed to  bring the consumers wealth and good luck.

Unfortunately the school cafeteria version of the lentils „főzelék” AKA lencsefőzelék has allegedly deterred a lot of luck-hunters away from feeding them this rather hideous looking and lumpy version of the otherwise noble nutrition.

This is why it came quite as a relief to discover the cold, salad version of lentils. To prepare this dish you just simply ready boil the lentils in salty water with garlic, one onion and bay leaves. Then prepare a slightly mustardy balm-vinegary sauce with olive oil, salt and pepper. Severe it with eggs, corn, and slices of bell peppers to please the eyes as well with the striking yellow, red and green colours.  Eat it with smoked meat, frankfurters or simply with slices of toasts. This dish will also help to settle an upset tummy after a big night out.

Eat for you welfare! Eat for your good luck. For Auld Lang Syne!

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