Tibor Csernus and Siberian winter

When the weather is turning to be like a perfect replica of Siberian winter, you’d better think twice before leaving your cozy, warm home. The pure reality: winter has finally arrived. Best time to stay inside.

The exhibition of Tibor Csernus is inside and amoung the top 5 must see in Budapest. His unique style moves on a wide scale from hyperrealistic paintings to his Caravaggio like pictures. KOGART presents his pastels and aquarelles and let you look behind the curtain. Since 2009 the gallery has been managing the painter’s estate. Now the visitors are invited to take a glimpse of what conservation, inventorying, analysis of the oeuvre means.

If you happen to miss the exhibition, feel sorry but there is still something to see. The Tibor Csernus Memorial Studio, a permanent interactive museum right next door, offers a great insight into the artist’s atelier in Paris. It is like pressing copy and paste buttons, you can see his original furniture, tools, personal objects. Just as vivid and colourful as he was himself.

By the way, KOGART is a great gallery to visit anytime with a perfect location on Andrássy Avenue surrounded with must see sights of Budapest and bike friendly area.

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