A hug from a beast and winter fades away

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According to the legend the Busó Carnival all started off during the Turkish times most likely when the beautiful city of Mohács along the River Danube was still occupied by the Ottoman Turks. Many people from the village had to leave their homes and live in the swamp areas on an island near Mohács. With time the community grew so big that they decided to scare the Turks away by carving out scary wooden masks from wood and covering themselves in animal skins and holding pointy rods in their hands. The act was such a success that not only did the Turks did get deterred away from plundering the city and people more but also people started to believe that this was the most efficient way to get rid of the long winter months and to start to celebrate the spring.

For this reason triggered by the Slavic community of Mohács, people gather up exactly 6 days before Shrove Tuesday and start the carnival celebrations called Farsang, the celebration for the termination of the winter months. The dressed up characters called “Busó” flood the city and create a cheerful atmosphere on the streets and on the main square of Mohács. Celebrations go on for 6 days starting with the introductory part called Kisfarsang and programmes culminate in Farsang Sunday. This is the ultimate peak of the carnival as bonfires are set up and the symbolic coffin of winter is burnt to the ashes.

Enjoying the friendly atmosphere though on the streets will add a lifelong experience to top the scheduled event. Sipping your flask coated liquid pullover on the streets and being chased around by the youngster Busó-to-Be dressed up in the crowds will surely make your experience unique.

Don’t you miss out on hugging one of those 2 meters tall (6.2’’) Busó-Machos. You will understand why. Also check out their conspicuous footwear called “bocskor” made of one piece of leather and tied around the feet with just one strip of leather.

Plenty to see and eat to get the full “Panem et circenses” feel. Beautiful folk dancers will dance the day away on the main stage and loads of stands with sizzling sausages, mulled wine and oven “langos” – the oven fried bread with bacon, onion and sour cream is available. To satisfy your sweet tooth go for the “Farsangi Fánk” – the Farsang Doughnuts” most exciting if stolen from the pitchfork of the Busó.

Last but not least Busójárás is inscribed on UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Useful information:

When:      16-20th February, 2012

Program:   www.mohacsibusojaras.hu, (EN) www.buso.uw.hu

Get there: www.volanbusz.hu

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