Wine all the time – Eger 2.

Eger is worth at least a one night stay. And what will you get in return?

Start your day from the top. Climb the castle, walk along its walls, count the towers of the city and vineyards on the slopes around.

Stroll around the main square (Dobó tér) sip wine, have a coffee. Do you like baroque and rococo? Walk down on Kossuth street, do not miss the famous wrought iron gate of Henrik Fazola. Take a glimpse in the Basilica (you know, it is the 2nd largest in Hungary) it is so peaceful. Let’s stay in a cultural mood and visit the building on the opposite side. The building of the lyceum has an amazing library of the Bishopric. Wooden shelves, high ceiling and thousands of scientific books from the past 5 centuries.

Lunch time. Choose an eatery on Széchenyi street. As for dessert you can not make a mistake if you go for “gőzgombóc” with a decent poppy seed-fall on top.

Do you have your swimming suits with you? Then it is time for a late evening bathing. Nothing but soaking up the minerals in the Turkish Bath. Do you have an empty bottle? Good, fill it up with the medicinal water from the public well just outside of the main entrance.

After bath comes wine. The town is small but has a large wine region around. Well, large at least in the sense of productivity and fame. Wine cellars are tempting you everywhere, especially in the Valley of Beautiful Women. An abundance of wine where tasting is must, drinking is pleasure.

Try Leányka, a local white wine and Bikavér (Bull’s Blood), the heavy red. Ask for cheese plate or do as the Hungarians do, eat bread-and-lard sprinkled with onion, paprika. Do not think, just give it a chance, you will love it.

You will surely have a good night sleep with a high chance of recovery breakfast and fresh air the next morning.

What have we missed?

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