Salzburg – The Winter Sleeping Beauty

Dropping by in Salzburg, the City of Mozart, on the way home from a skiing holiday from the Rauris Tal region, was a good appetizer to put a finger on the bike-friendly veins of the city in just about 3 hours.

Even though the city still seemed to be half asleep, you could see the well maintained bike paths, bike parks and statues all oozing the feeling of a winter hibernated cycling community.

The BlitzVisit has left us with a good impression for the well-maintained bike baths, picturesque, panoramic views and to the endless possibilities the city has to offers as the focal point of many tours diverting from here.

When I saw those bike paths stretching along the Salzach River, I started to wonder about faraway lands in no time. Even if you just follow the river, you will end up in some of the top-of-the pops this region has to offer.

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