Sunday, the almost day

How can you have an Almost Sunday? Easily.

Start to plan it on Saturday. Have a great plan for a Sunday trip: Balaton, Tihany, sunshine, almost spring, a bit of hiking, a bit of biking, a bit of cake and coffee tasting. Call a few friends, be sure one has a car available.

Pick-up at 10AM. Great! You have time to bake an almost pain au chocola for the trip. Smells awesome, looks almost and tastes almost.

Phone rings. They will be late I bet! Flat tyre! The car has a flat tyre!!! Quickly somebody who can change it on Sunday morning. Anybody? Nobody. “Can I? Well, I saw my dad once doing it when I was 5… Thank you but no, thank you!” Where are all the men hiding when it is emergency? (Lesson 1: never say “ after learning how to build your bookshelf, wallpaper your bedroom, mould, drill, saw or simply use a jackhammer  “I do not want to know how to change a flat tyre on car”)

Plan B? Desperately planning but plan A was so perfect, almost worked out. (Lesson 2: always have plan B)

It is almost noon, almost lunch time, you are almost hungry. Now it is obvious: you are going to bike home, to have a Sunday family lunch, the traditional one, the childhood memory one.  Together with the plan A friends. And as for a change, for dessert you are making “kaak” or “ka’ak”.

Recipe? It is the almost kind, with almost precise measurements and almost clear instructions.  A tablespoon of this, a teaspoon of that, more flour, a pinch of salt, a bit of rolling out, tapping, cutting, shaping and pinching.

Pinching is the best part with an original “pincher”.

Baking, checking, overbaking. ( Lesson 3: when you think it is almost baked, it is actually baked) Cooling, waiting then dipping, rolling in powdered sugar and more cardamom which is never too much.

What you ended up with was an almost “kaak” that was overbaked, overpuffed…

…looked almost like the original from Sudan with almost the same taste.

Well, there is no denying that our kaak had a certain something…was devastatingly almost.

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2 Responses to Sunday, the almost day

  1. cookiemomma says:

    WOW!!! I want some! looks amazing

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