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Weather forecast from Hungary

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Simplicity – Complexity – Perfection

This video is a 2 minute wonder of simplicity, complexity and perfection. No doubt that bike itself is a piece of art from the tiniest screw to the wheels and frame.

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Rhythm and bike go hand in hand – part 15. – Winter? Why?

Because it is over soon. That is what we have been longing for. Winter is for preparation, expectation. And for CARNIVALS. Winter gets the most cheerful, most beautiful farewell parties of the four seasons. Always with happy endings.

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a bike-free winter Sunday in Budapest

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Tibor Csernus and Siberian winter

When the weather is turning to be like a perfect replica of Siberian winter, you’d better think twice before leaving your cozy, warm home. The pure reality: winter has finally arrived. Best time to stay inside. The exhibition of Tibor … Continue reading

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