Avocado, the Colnago of fruits

Avocado is the joker fruit in late winter, early spring. So perfect, so simple, so complex and beautifully designed as a Colnago bike or a Ferrari.

Preparing for spring is not just simply changing your coat to pullover or better considering the length of your skirt or shirt. It is also a mental and physical getting-ready process.

Include more vitamin in your everyday life (as we read here). Vitamin that you eat, breeze, feel on your skin, in your muscles.

Avocado is a vitamin bomb and has a magic effect: the more you eat it, the better you feel yourself.

Riding a bike is a vitamin bomb, the all in one kind of secret weapon that has a magic effect, the more you consume of it, the better you feel yourself. (As we say:  biking is vital)

Would it mean that avocado + biking =  nuclear plant renewable energy source? Probably.

But what avocado + coriander + lime + chili + garlic and a few other spices would end up is guacamole, for sure.

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