Brugge, the stock exchange and the movie

On Sunday jump on the first train to Brugge. And here you are, finally you arrived to Belgium itself. At least this is what we were told by local patriots. Brugge is easy to fall in love with. And not because of the movie that was a big kick off for local tourism. The Movie that we did not have the slightest clue about so we were just murmuring with the others “oh, yeah, the movie, of course (?)”.

Movie or not movie but Brugge and Belgium itself has a quite complex, sometimes confusing history. Doing a bike tour guided by locals seemed to be the best option to be updated about what is going on. So did we. We chose Quasimundo bike tour and it was indeed our best decision.

We covered not just the inner section but took a glimpse in the outskirt of the town ( well, that is one of the wonders of biking: you can cover and see much more than walking ).

We walked into hidden courtyards (hidden from our guidebook for sure), checked the flamish windmills that could be rotated around its base to catch wind all the time, crossed canals after canals and of course learnt the fact that not just money but Brugge makes the world go round: van der Burse was a local, merchant family which basically started what we call today stock exchange.

And we met Brugse Zot (Bruges fool), the light pale ale which is the only beer brewed and made in Bruges. And we became friends quite fast.

We made friendship with the nearest cozy pub and its daily menu, the chocolate shop and its dark choco bar sprinkled with pecans, and another brewery and its drafts.

After a nap long train ride our late night plan was set: we went and watched The Movie.

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