Dream car, dream palace and a hidden abbey

The way to a lady’s heart is through having a cool car, being super rich but pretending to be super poor and somehow get together in a dream palace to have a happy end. This was all possible in 1934 on the screen in the light hearted, famous Hungarian comedy, Meseautó (Dream car).

The melody from 1934 is what we need to mellow and sentimental moods.  And of course the palace!


The hidden palace is a hotel from the late 1920s in Lillafüred.

It survived WWII without severe damages.

But as it usually happened to prestigious buildings that time, the original furnishing soon disappeared, they were probably “taken away as souvenirs”.  Ironic, isn’t it?

Anyway, the surrounding area is from a fairy tale: forested mountains of Bükk, hanging garden, park, lake, rocks, caves, and waterfall. Perfect setting for breathtaking and peaceful “just being” moments but also a great choice for biking and hiking, the strenuous kinds with high elevations.

Another hidden treasure of the Bükk is Hungary’s most intact Romanesque Cistercian church, part of a formal abbey in Bélapátfalva. Knowing that the way too long „Turkish holiday” (150 years) in Hungary  „redesigned” the whole country, having a building from the early 1200s is a kind of wonder.

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