Kodak moments – Balaton

No doubt Balaton was born in God’s happiest moments: when the essential chunks of his work were done, he sat down looked around and continued with the wonders. And did not stop at the 7th.

For most of the Hungarians this lake is not a wonder on Earth but it is actually „the wonder”. We all know what it likes in summer time. Taking a visit there in early spring when the weather is in its most capricious mood is so much different from a mid-summer day. It is that time when the lake is ours and don’t have to share it with anybody. When the colours of the waves, land and sky are playing hide-and-seek and we can hear the sound of calming silence.

On a mid-summer day we would have cycled along the lake, had hekk (eng. hake) with wine and ice-cream for dessert. This time we walked along the shore, had lavender tea at noon with home-made cake deep in the forest. Sweet treats tempted us later to a granny inspired café house, Karolina for five o’clock tea time.

It was just a perfect day.

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