Rhythm and bike go hand in hand – part 20 – Dog days are over

April is random, capricious and decidedly full of emotions. Just like this song which was born thanks to an installation and riding a bike over Waterloo Bridge.

In Florence’s words:

Dog days are over

“Dog Days Are Over” was directly inspired by an art installation by the artist Ugo Rondinone. He’s got an art installation on the side of this gallery in New York that just says, “Hell, Yes!” Ugo had an installation on the side of another building that said, “Dog Days Are Over.” That would inspire me every time I rode my bike over Waterloo Bridge, and it essentially sparked the whole song.

I’ve also got this book of Ed Ruscha paintings called, They Called Her Styrene. All of his paintings are these hot phrases like, “Went out for cigarettes, never came back.” Random phrases hold so much weight. If you string them together, you can create a picture and this emotion you never even knew they initially had. Even though they have no correlation to each other, you string them together in a song and it creates this beautiful poetry and this whole new meaning. People can attach their own emotions to it. It’s like a riddle, but it’s for yourself.”

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