” May I sprinkle the flower?” or Easter Monday in Hungary

Easter in Hungary is still a Christian and a family holiday. When you get together with your beloved ones and eat smoked ham, boiled eggs, Hungarian hot cross buns, beetroot, horseradish dip, fresh vegetable, home-made sweets and much more.

Easter also solves your next month dinner plans if you are resourceful enough to create recipes of recycling. All you need is a set of rear rack panniers big enough to carry your doggy bag.

While Sunday is for quite family gathering, Monday traditionally is for sprinkling. Men (older, younger), usually in groups dressed in their Sunday best, visit women, recite some short rhyme proper for the occasion, which always ends with the question „may I sprinkle the flower?” after which they receive painted eggs, cakes and drinks.

No doubt it must have been a fertility rite that has changed and got modernized during the past century: sprinkling used to mean a bucketful of water thrown at women, then it changed to cheap and awfully smelling cologne (imported mainly from USSR) sprinkled on the head, lately and luckily water came back to fashion but in moderate quantities.

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