Farmers’ market imported from Lake Balaton

Óbuda ( Old Buda ) is a big chunk of Budapest. Frankly speaking a bit neglected chunk when it comes to the sightseeing list of first time visitors. Although you may have several good reasons to visit this northern corner of the city:

  1. full of Roman ruins ( used to be a Roman settlement called „Aquincum”)
  2. the bike road to Szentendre (lovely artistic town) leads through
  3. and its small but charming main square is full of surprises

Surprise after surprise hit us on Saturday. We planned a bike trip to Szentendre but the weather surprised us: cloudy and rainy. Never mind, let’s visit the farmers’ market opened recently. Next surprise: we got there, nobody. No way we are going back with empty hands! Hungarian is a resourceful nation so let’s try again: no signs, no address, no vendors only a couple walking by with their hands fully packed with those hand-made goodies we were looking for.

And yes, behind the palace, at the backstage there is the market. Small, cozy and has almost everything we wanted. Sweet treats with jam, nuts and fruits; jams, syrups, mustards and amazing spreads; bread ( 10 kinds ) just out of the oven, flavored with seeds, ramps, baked on cabbage leaves, covered with sesame seeds; honey, herb teas, ginger bread, wine and cheese: smoked, fresh, flavoured, shaped or just naturally simply delicious! And everything is hand-made, organic and from the lake region ( Balaton ) where the market has been on for years but in a fairly bigger size.

Size is just a question of time. No doubt in a few weeks this market will be buzzing. No doubt that biking there with big panniers will enable you to carry all those delicious treats home. So did we and will do, maybe with cargo bikes, our next visit!

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2 Responses to Farmers’ market imported from Lake Balaton

  1. apintoflife says:

    Beautiful photographs! Looks like such a lovely setting for a market.

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