30-15-10-7 = 40

When planning a weekend bike trip you simply have to gamble on the weather. The 30 days weather forecast is the one when you shrug your shoulder, the 15 day one makes you think of a plan B, the 10 day one gives you hope that the chance of 60% of rain means 40% of not rain, the  7 day one is what you check on every possible site for at least just a pure grey cloud instead of waterfall of rain.

Our weekend trip to Káli medence (basin) started with 40% of not having rain and grey sky. But these factors are much different when you are close to a lake called Balaton. And what a 40% of two days we biked!

If you think that this region is all about summer time beach feeling, you are far from being right. Exploring the basin is such an energy flow that washes your worries away and rocks you in an “everything gonna be all right” mood. The Káli Basin is the all in one kind of wonder: thatched roof cottages, one church after another, vineyards on hill slopes, rocky millstone ridges, landmarks of volcanic activities, sacred ruins in the depth of a fairytale forest, farm of indigenous animals, mineral water right from the spring, gourmand dinner, wine all the time and Sunday farmers’ market to cool down.

We have experienced them all and more. All we needed some good, sturdy trekking bikes, a few sets of panniers to carry our „just in case” raincoats, a great company and strong belief that 40% more than 60%.

Káli Basin what and where in nutshell:

accommodation – Hullám Hostel

dinner – Kővirág panzió és étterem

market – Káptalantóti

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