Dam of bold stones

Cycling to Kopaszi gát – dam of bold stones – has always been a highlight of the Budapest cycling route to us. Just a stone’s throw away from the overcrowded downtown area of the city, the Dam offers a soothing sight of green lawn, romantic pathways through small wooden bridges and shady spots guarded by hundred year old trees. A park that is surely in the top three best looked after parks in the city.

Just an industrial area outside the city centre a few decades ago, Dam Kopaszi wasn’t an attractive area to visit at all. In the past decade however, it has grown to be the most widely visited weekend destination for locals wanting to enjoy a drink or two, and of course for families seeking dog-pooh free playgrounds. Kopaszi is also a paradise for joggers, kayakers and cyclists. Especially now that the facilities grow out like mushrooms from the ground. Besides all the various restaurants, bistros and cafes, there is also a „Játszóház” available for kids and exhibition space for the art lovers.

Our favourite this time proved to be Fruska Bisztró with is Hungarian design menu and old-school glass made soda waters. However, we found prices a bit overwhelming nonetheless the aprons worn by staff try to make up for the losses to your credit cards.

All in all a must do indeed. Beware of masses of people flocking to the Dam at the weekends though. Limited parking places and still an increasing need for more infrastructure. Take you own picnic basket and ride your own bike – just like we do to prove that biking is indeed vital and fundamental to us.

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