Up in the Skies in Vienna

Ascending to heavens is easier than you have ever thought. Especially in Vienna. In the Vienna Woods near Cobenzl  there is a beautiful hilltop with picturesque viewpoints Viennese simply call „Am Himmel”, In Heavens. If you ever take the time to work your way all the way up here, you will understand why. It is easier and less effort than you thought and it definitely gives a different perspective on the city than just browsing along the downtown streets of the centre.

Getting there

The best way to get there is to catch bus number 38A from Heiligenstadt. The Heiligenstadt S-Bahn and U-Bahn station is interesting because here you can also catch a glimpse of one of the most extensive Vienna housing estate complexes called Karl Marx-Hof built during the Red Vienna times in 1927-1930. From here the bus goes straight up to Cobenzl in approximately 30 minutes.

What to do

There is plenty to do in Cobenzl. Hiking, wine drinking, eating, and checking out your tree of life. We first headed out to the Circle of trees Am Himmel, which is a circle of 24 different trees on the hilltop divided up for every 2-3 weeks of the year. It is like a horoscope just with trees. Here you can find your personal tree, find out about the history of that tree and about your personality traits. If you believe in horoscopes, you are going to love this. If not, you can still enjoy the stunning view of Vienna from here.

Moving on there is an extremely pleasant cafe up here called Oktogon Am Himmel. If you are up here, go for the Aperol Gespritzter which is a soda drink with Prosecco and Aperol. If you are here in a Sunday, go for the brunch which comes in various versions and sizes.

Walking back to the bus station we decided to head towards Kahlenberg on the bus. Another 15 minute long bus ride on bus 38A. From here we headed out towards Leopoldsberg church which is under construction at the moment unfortunately.

On the way do not miss out on stopping by the Hütte Am Weg for some traditional Viennese food such as the Leberknödel Rindsuppe (clear beef soup with liver gnocchis) and the Lilletspritzter (a nice refreshing drink with Vermont Lillet Blanc, Edelflower syrup, white wine, soda water , cucumber slices and ice cubes). If you are here with kids, make sure they enjoy a few rounds on the merry-go-round hidden in the backyard of the restaurant. They will simply love this.

Getting Back To Town

Reaching Leopoldberg will get you to the bus station again. Here you can take the same bus to ride back to Heiligenstadt.

If you thought that the Vienna hills were far away, you need to change your mind. You can do the 3-in-1 experience in less than 6 hours total. This way you will really feel like being up in the heavens. Well, at least up on top of the gorgeous city of Vienna.

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