The Heuriger aka The ultimate Vienna experience

What better ways can you imagine experiencing Vienna than through one of its traditional wine yards called Heuriger? A vinery type of pub has all you need – hearty people, good food and excellent views on the city.

Only a 30 minutes long bus drive from Heiligenstadt S-Bahn station you can hop on bus line 38A to ride all the way to Kahlenberg hilltop. Here you would only have to engage in another 20 minute long walk DOWNHILL – most important, which is even manageable for some who had an illuminated night out the night before. Perfect for a detoxicating morning.

Our personal favourite this time was the Heuriger dedicated to the turtle, or Heuriger zur Schieldkrot because food is cheap and freshly prepared. Wine is tasty and just the right temperature for a nice Gespritzter. Service is not over-friendly but very efficient. And the view… well, needless to say a breathtaking panorama on the Danube island , the mainstream Danube and of course the nearby Leopoldsberg.

Food is self service. Choose one of the nice potato dumplings or a typical Vienna Schnitzel – the veal slice in breadcrumbs. Or just go for the appetizer plate with all the homemade hams and cheeses and the pickles of course. We choose the minced meat filled potato dumpling this time to give us enough energy for the way home after a big night out.

And believe it or not, good company, tasty food and a touch of fresh air made all the hangovers disappear faster than expected.

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