Lake ride with bait vending machine, fish soup and poppy field

Going cycling around the Tisza Lake is surely one of the lesser well known experiences in Hungary. A lot of people go to Balaton or Lake Velencei to cycle round the lake. However it seems that not a big tourist crowd has yet discovered this more pristine landscape. It is a lot more intact and than the other two lakes. There is also less infrastructure to blindfold you from real nature. Here you feel closer to the real thing.

We dropped off our car in Poroszló and started cycling anti-clockwise on the well-maintained concrete roads on top of the dam towards Kisköre. There is plenty to see on the way. Beautiful flora and fauna, lookout towers and the LAKE throughout the way. We were literally cycling along the river and were tempted to put our feet in the water for a while. However, it was too cold for our liking.

There are plenty of rooms and apartments to rent on the way, as well as cheap eateries and beaches in Abádszalók and Tiszafüred of course. We did try the fish soup in the latter and it was a decent choice. If you are lucky, you can buy some freshly fished fish from the fishermen, who are numerous here, and prepare your own dinner if you have your gas cooker with your camping equipment.

We started off without planning and still managed to find accommodation on Pentecost Sunday at the second camping we asked in Tiszafüred. Our favourite here was the motorboats for rent and the bait vending machine. You can rent a motor boat for a mere 2500 HUF / hour and discover the adventurous little arteries flowing into the main stream Tisza river. From the vending machines you can get some pre-packed worms and corn instead of a coke. Nice!

In Poroszló we came across the newly opened novelty called Ökocentrum a thorough exhibition on the flora and fauna of the region. Combined tickets include boat rides with ecologists who introduce visitors to the region and to the largest fresh water fish tank of Europe. Well worth a visit.

We crossed the river twice and wondered how lucky the smartly built dams were to be here to have stopped the cyanide spill in 2000. Thanks to the genius of the engineers of the dams the lake and its microcosms survived to be explored by future visitors today.
Distance: 70 km

terrain: flat

difficulty: easy, leasure-pleasure

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