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Alice and Harry – the secret relationship

Many people know about the ever famous Oxford Christ Church for some of the Harry Potter scenes having been shot there in the Dining Hall. However, not that many people know that despite the fact that Alice might have left … Continue reading

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Autumn in our bikery

Pumpkin, Indian summer and a patio outside.  When everybody is moving inside, we just do the opposite and open our terrace outside. We enjoy the quiet moments of before opening time with the smell of freshly baked croissant… … we … Continue reading

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Rhythm and bike go hand in hand – part 25 – Burnt toast and black coffee

Since we have been running our “bikery” music plays a more essential role in our life. Imagine having your start-up latte with our frieshly baked croissant while an annoying song is played in the background.Well, annoying for you, pleasant for … Continue reading

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