Picnic in Etyek, summer in winter time

The Etyek Wine Festival and the cultural-artisan folk festival called Kezes-Lábos festival in Etyek was organized the last time in the previous year leaving many devoted visitors in sorrow. There is no need to panic though. Before one should think that the whole event has kicked the bucket, it needs to be pinpointed that nothing is ever terminated at the peak of its success.

The two above mentioned annual festival will be replaced with four seasonal thematic gastronomical, wine and cultural events called the Picnic in Etyek starting this Saturday which is the 19th of January. The aim is to satisfy all the gluttonous throats and stomachs and to feed the mind and the soul with cultural morsels.

Prepare all those starving stomachs for the first ever 2-in-1 festival. There will be pig killing events from 10am and sampling all the food produced. Also there will be meals prepared in cauldrons, wine and pálinka shot tasting, pork jelly and crackling-cream oasis. Sausage filling, cheese and chocolate fondue. All kids can participate in arts and crafts sessions painting glass, producing soap or making masks for the Farsang festivities. For grown-ups there will be various concerts from the afternoon hours including jazzy guitar shows and accordion tunes.

Good news is that there will be locally operated buses organized by Etyek and so no one needs to worry about taking their cars or about much traffic in the town of Etyek. The Festival Cards obtained last year can be reused only at the spring festival as it is being improved at the moment. Cash payment will be accepted everywhere.

IMG_0960 IMG_0796 IMG_0794 IMG_0792 IMG_0789

Get yourself ready. Take some warm clothes and warm shoes the rest – heavenly food, drinks and elevated moods- is guaranteed

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