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1 goose, 2 geese, 3 St. Martin

Starving is not a good feeling but you can easily avoid it. All you have to do on St. Martin’s day is stuff yourself with goose dishes and you won’t go hungry the whole year. At least that what the … Continue reading

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Every Day is Christmas on the other side

Setting out for a journey to Berlin to explore the other side of the wall always raises different expectations depending on the time of the year. Well, what can one expect on a mellow September afternoon? A lazy, sleepy city with … Continue reading

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No gondolas in Velence (Hungarian Venice)…

…but there is delicious fried fish (our “national seafood”, the Hungarian Hekk), draught beer, and gherkins which are worth fighting for all the way through those vertically challenging rollercoaster rides in the hills of Velence. TWICE. What happens if you … Continue reading

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For the Monarchy For the Better

Despite the fact Hungary has ceased to be a Monarchy ever since 1918, there is one more righteous claim from the uncrowned successor of the Kingdom of Music to overtake the musical throne of Hungary: This uncrowned talent is PRINCE. … Continue reading

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The Holy Trinity: Music, Zoo, Bikes

Cycling out to the Zoo of Budapest is not a newly conceived idea at all. Lots of people do it ever since the official bike lane has been constructed along Andrássy avenue. Cycling out for a concert IN the Zoo, … Continue reading

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