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Up in the Skies in Vienna

Ascending to heavens is easier than you have ever thought. Especially in Vienna. In the Vienna Woods near Cobenzl  there is a beautiful hilltop with picturesque viewpoints Viennese simply call „Am Himmel”, In Heavens. If you ever take the time … Continue reading

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Dam of bold stones

Cycling to Kopaszi gát – dam of bold stones – has always been a highlight of the Budapest cycling route to us. Just a stone’s throw away from the overcrowded downtown area of the city, the Dam offers a soothing sight … Continue reading

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30-15-10-7 = 40

When planning a weekend bike trip you simply have to gamble on the weather. The 30 days weather forecast is the one when you shrug your shoulder, the 15 day one makes you think of a plan B, the 10 … Continue reading

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